RightAct10 Day Two: Theatre and Social Change

Starting off with forum theatre piece Expect Respect, night two of RightAct10 followed up a panel focusing on Theatre and Social Change, with Christie Antony of AC Arts, PJ Rose of No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability, Geordie Brookman of the State Theatre Company, and Georgie Davil of Carclew Youth Arts. This night had a very different feel across it than Friday night: more collaborative, certainly, and I think more hopeful for what theatre is and can be.

Expect Respect is a forum theatre piece on rape and sexual assault, designed for high school students by ActNow Theatre for Social Change in association with the Legal Services Commission. In two halves, it discusses where “the line” is, legally and morally, and how people can actively change their behavior to enact change in others, as audience members are asked to call in and change the behavior of characters.

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