Fairfax Festival Blog Three: Kids Interviews Part One

by Jane

I’ve been grabbing a few quick interviews with the kids of the Fairfax Festival – more to come!


Raven from Shepparton

What have you been working on for the Fairfax Festival?

We’ve been working on this sound play, and it’s just about the sounds of Shep, where we come from, what we hear every day. We’ve had a lot of help from our teachers, Ms Wilton and Ms Stewart, and [artist] Tristan and [Young Artist in Residence] Alex, and just a whole bunch of our leaders, so really grateful for that.

What’s your favourite thing about this week?

I think all the workshops we get to do, and the things we get to learn. They’re just really valuable.

What’s your favourite thing about theatre?

I think being able to be yourself, and letting it all out.

Braydon and Alex

Braydon and Alex from Manangatang.

What are you working on for Fairfax?

B: We are doing a play with a car, a broken down car on the street.

Do you want to tell me anything else about it?

A: Oh, you might have to tune in and watch it!

B: We don’t want to give it away.

What is your favourite thing about this week?

A: So far it would have to be meeting new people … and getting Macca’s on the way in.

B: Yeah, just meeting new people. And getting to be a girl. Getting to play a girl on Friday.

What’s your favourite thing about theatre?

A: I don’t know really. Comedy.

B: Yeah, comedy. Improvisation.