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Calling Adelaide’s Young and Emerging Arts Writers

I’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time travelling with my writing this past year, and somehow all of a sudden I have found my writing community existing in Melbourne and Sydney, while my artistic community exists in Adelaide. I think it’s time for us young professional arts writers and critics to really start talking.

Thanks to the support of the SA Writers Centre, I would like to extend this invitation:

Young and emerging arts writers and critics are invited to an informal discussion about arts writing and Adelaide. This meeting is designed for people who are pursuing a professional career in arts writing and/or criticism, and are interested in discussing and analysing the state of arts writing and the arts industry in South Australia, what it means to be a young professional arts writer, future directions for the craft, and the relationship and intersection of arts writers with artists.

The discussion will be at the SA Writers Centre, October 29 6:30pm. Please email me janehoward at with any inquires and with your RSVP. I really want this discussion to be free wheeling and driven by all in attendance, but I have some plans up my sleeve and I’d like those interested to get in on the ground floor. Look forward to having you.

Melbourne Fringe Review: Lessons With Luis – Luis Presents: Kidney Kingdom

“Hello, my name is Luis from Lessons With Luis”, the young man with the adorable smile, adorkable hair cut, love of cats, love of teaching, love of cats, love of comedy, love of cats, and amazing knitted jumper says, giving us a thumbs up.

We’re here today for Lessons With Luis – Luis Presents: Kidney Kingdom. Luis’s father needs a kidney operation, and to help raise money Luis has gone to where the money is: a fringe festival. Within this show about a show raising money for a kidney, we follow the story of Luis on his treacherous journey to Kidney Kingdom where kidney replacements can be found.

Luis is joined on stage by his father Len, in several supporting roles with the help of a music stand and script, and his silent brother Luelin, in charge of the props. If the show fails it’s all Luelin’s fault. Clearly.

Through this improbably hilarious show, we are treated to Luis’ most best jokes and improvisation, a lesson about anatomy, and journeys along the blue wooden road, on the train, through an ocean pursued by a shark, in conversation with a dinosaur, to the moon (which, shockingly, isn’t made out of cheese!), and, of course, past the gates of Kidney Kingdom.

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