An Open Letter to the Adelaide Festival Centre (Or, food and the AFC, part three)

by Jane

Dear Adelaide Festival Centre,

I know it was a long time ago, and I’m really dredging things out of the past now, but remember a year and a half ago when your kitchen wasn’t open post shows in your bar the Bistro?  But then you realised this was a miss-service to the thousands of people you could have through your doors on a typical night, and you changed it?

It has been a really fantastic year, I must say.  The chips are no longer my go-to food, but those spiced chickpeas are divine.  I love going down there post show for a glass of wine and some bar-snacks.  Your website informs me “Bistro by the food business offers idyllic à la carte, pre and post theatre dining experiences,” and who doesn’t love post theatre dining experiences?

Although, maybe the answer is you?

Tonight, I went to the Adelaide Festival Theatre to see A Streetcar with the Adelaide Festival. Afterwards, I planned to take Melbourne theatre critic Cameron Woodhead down to the Bistro for a drink and a debrief on the show.  Imagine my surprise when we found ourselves, with several dozen other people who had just been at the show, staring at the locked glass doors to the Dunstan Playhouse foyer.

It was great to introduce someone to this city by telling them the biggest theatre venue in this town doesn’t open its bar on the opening night on one of the biggest theatre productions in the Festival. Really makes us look swell as a happening city where the festival season makes things happen.

It’s nice to know that, once again, as a venue, you’re fine for thousands of people to not sit around to drink, eat, and talk about the work they’ve just seen, engaging beyond sitting inside the theatre itself.

But seriously: I thought we’d worked this out already?

Looking forward to your reply,