Adelaide Critics Circle Awards 2011

by Jane

The 2011 Nominees for the Adelaide Critics Circle Awards.  Recipients in bold 5.12.11

Individual Award 

  • Guy Barrett for the RBS Morgans International Piano Series
  • Tamara Lee, actor, That Face (
  • David Mealor, director, Buried Child (State Theatre Company of SA)

Group Award 

  •, The Eisteddfod
  • Soundstream Collective
  • State Opera of South Australia, Moby Dick
  • State Theatre Company of SA, Holding the Man

Emerging Artist of the Year 

  • Robert Bell, actor, The Pillowman (University of Adelaide Theatre Guild)
  • Charles Sanders, artistic director, Early Worx
  • Nigel Tripodi, actor, A View from the Bridge (University of Adelaide Theatre Guild)
  • Alex Vickery-Howe, playwright, Molly’s Shoes (Accidental Productions)

Independent Arts Foundation Award for Innovation 

  • Chris More, video and set designer, The Girl Who Cried Wolf (Windmill Theatre)
  • Jason Sweeney, sound designer, Three Sisters, The Eisteddfod
  • Adam Synott, animation and sound, Side To One (Craig Bary and Lisa Griffiths)

Visual Arts Award: Amy Joy Watson

Individual Award – Amateur Theatre 

  • Megan Dansie, director, The Pillowman (University of Adelaide Theatre Guild)
  • David Roach, actor, Red (Independent Theatre)
  • Russell Starke OAM, actor, Breaker Morant (Therry Dramatic Society)

Group Award – Amateur Theatre 

  • Therry Dramatic Society, Breaker Morant 
  • University of Adelaide Theatre Guild, A View from the Bridge 
  • University of Adelaide Theatre Guild, The Pillowman 

Lifetime Achievement Award: Barbara West

Some  quick questions: why are two amateur actors nominated in the “professional” categories?  What exactly was innovative about More’s video/set and Sweeney’s sound?  (I didn’t see Synott’s work.)  Are there not enough visual artists in Adelaide to make a nomination list?  Why is the State Opera credited with Moby Dick, but not co-creators the Dallas Opera, the San Francisco Opera, San Diego Opera and Calgary Opera?  Why is Windmill credited with The Girl Who Cried Wolf, but not original production company, the Arena Theatre Company?