(Not so) Live Blog

by Jane

State Theatre Company Season 2011 Launch.  Apologies for typos. Was done live and only minimally corrected.

6:05 John Hill introducing us to the event. Internet fails abound. Boxes on the stage. I hope people jump out of boxes and announce themselves.

6:06 Hill is telling us which shows he missed last year.  Ent Mr Sloane got a laugh.

6:07 Clearly was written by someone else, talking about R

Blogs rule, and are acknowledged here.

6;07 Red carpet ambassadors go!

6:08 Adam Cook introduced. Ominous music. Burst out of the box, please! Please!

Is Doctor Who coming? YES HE CAME OUT OF A BOX!

6:09 Clues on stage: An Elephant, a drill?, a skull and feather, a castle?, king kong’s hand?

6:10 Cook knew he would be a director when he “commissioned” his skateboard. Shout out to production staff who made the pine boxes “will make sense when you see the brochure.”

6:11 Guest involved in each play will come out and talk. Formal part he is standing at the lectern. Talking about a love poem, “bride groom, you have taken pleasure of me, you capture me, let me stand trembling before you forever.”

6:12 Oh, talk about genetics and you’ve got my heart forever.

6:12 “Sanctuary from the limitless digital safari” is a bit ironic for the three girls sitting on their computers.

6:13 “Vibrating artistically” – perhaps like String Theory?

Oh, String Theory.

6:14 Emotional importance – don’t need to stretch art form or make you think, but make you feel..

6:14 About to announce the plays. Jam read the plays and have been doing tv commercials, will show before hand.

6:15 Her Majesties theatre, disability access work being done into the Playhouse, great news. 17ht century France, Moliere, The Misanthrope, and Elephant sitting on a couch, box one makes sense! Dir Catherine Fitzgerald, interviewing Nick English and Patrick Grey. Also with Caroline Mignone, Jude Henshall.

6:17 How much truth you can tell without getting in trouble.

6:17 “Good is not the word, up there – doing it” fake theatre praise.

6:18 Spoiled egotistaical stage brat. Nick talks about conduit between world of media and hype and celebrity.

618 Reworking by Martin Crip, advertising includes Vanity Fair and Fake tan and hipster camera.

619 Cook “Kira Knightly couldn’t be with us, she is going to be eating something.”

619 Aw, they’re not going back into the box.

620 Successful around the world: Long, Singer, Winfield The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged). Curiously to the music of Peter and The Wolf. I don’t quite get the connection there. It is “Just the best bits.”

621 Someone better exit persued by a bear. 37 plays in 100 minutes.

621 More internet failings, this time Sophie is gone.

621 Projectile vomiting, men in drag: sounds perfect for the Come Out Festival.

622 And perfect for Nathan O’Keefe! Play the greatest roles in history and retire early. Please don’t leave us! O’Keefe got to choose his own role: chose the one with most dresses, vomiting, and kisses.

623: From The Hypochondriac, O’Keefe can be great in a dress.

Allisa Patterson designs.


624 2007 about US President, Lesbian Speech writer will write him a speech if he legalizes gay marriage. By David Mamet: November.

625 For reasons I don’t know, I always get Mamet and Neil LaBeut mixed up. Wish I could Wikipedia which one is which. I have a feeling Mamet is the one I don’t particularly like.

626 Huge applause for Garry McDonald, but it appears he has been replaced by a wooden turkey.

626 I think Cook has completely guessed the audience here. It seems like this will be the popular choice of the night. Last at STCSA for Uncle Vanya, his first Chekhov.

I didn’t see it.

629 Michaela Cantwell will be in the cast. Great to know she will be on our stage again soon. Design by Victoria Lamb.

629 Albee’s The Zoo Story will be the education show. Red guts and gore. Grossing young audiences out seems to be the theme of the plays geared to younger audiences.

Cassandra Backler and Catherine Fitzgerald: Design Associate and Associate Director.

631 Backler will be their slave labour next year.

631 Absurdist comedy: turning out to be a very light year. I’ve heard rumours it doesn’t end this way.

632 Phone going off. They didn’t play their regular turn phones off message. And ringing again!

632 Violence, fear, relationships.

633 Fitzgerald “contributing to artistic vision of the company.” Would like to see commisiions of “contempory Australian women’s work, funny and gritty and about Australia today.” It’s great to see things discussed at RightAct are actually being discussed here on the stage of the Festival Theatre stage. Fitzgerald is following through on her words, let us hope it turns into action.

634 Bovell new play: murmer went through on the mention of When The Rain Stops.

635 Speaking in Tongues. On my list of plays I would love to see produced, so I am very excited! Turned into Lantana. Director Geordie Brookman.

635 nice to see Brookman wearing the State Theater Company shirt.

636 Started writing in 1992, first produced in 1996. Coming away from the funny and into the serious now. Come on and announce the cast, so much will hinge on that in this play. Poster is very dreary and Australian horror film.

636 Cook mentioned Lantana and a murmer went through the croud.

637 Last night (edit: at Friends of the Barr Smith Library talk) Bovell spoke of the differences he loves between stage and screen, and how say WTRSF couldn’t be done on screen. I’ve read this script but never seen it so I am excited to see how it actually exists on a stage, and compare it to the film.

638 Griffin will be putting it on too.

638 Brookman “incredibly moving piece of drama” talking about Bovell’s musical writing. Love his theatricality and lyricism in the piece. How hard we find it to be happy with what we have: a beautiful exploration of Meloncholy. Bovell spike a lot about melancholy last night, how he didn’t really get it until he was in France.

640 Metro Street team: Victoria Lamb designing and Geoff Cobham lights.

641 Everything chosen in reaction the season to this next play: writer of warmth, passion, and creativity. Chekov’s The Three Sisters. From the ad seems very traditional interpretation. (Edit: I clearly tuned out before the end of the ad…)

643 So glad they didn’t go with the Sex and The City tag line.

643 Professional cast of 14. Largest professional cast the company has worked with in many years.

Designed by Cook and Gavin Swift. Alissa Patterson costumes.

647 Ooops, and here is where writing live looses me. Got distracted.

646 My thoughts going back to Speaking In Tongues: It will be nice to see an Australian play that wasn’t written in the past ten years.

647 David Mealor! Yes, come on! Say his name! Assistant director on Ent Mr Sloane and The Price. Can’t wait to see his Blackbird in the next few weeks, even if it will emotionally destroy me. Great to see he will getting mainstage at STCSA. Buried Child by Sam Shepard.

648 Oh no, dissonance in the violins. LOST killed that effect for me. Be more creative in your composition.

649 “Hilarious, wouldn’t call it heart breaking.” Mealor and Nick Garsden.

650 Love Sam Shepard as well, True West was my highlight of last year in Adelaide, so can’t wait to see Mealor and Garsden at it again!

651 Another movie horror film picture. Interesting STCSA move towards film like posters, where Belvoir Street has completely embraced the theatricality of everything this year.

Mary Moore designer, Mark Pennigton Lights.

652 Inspired by true circumstance: return home after leaving as a child. Unfortunately (fortunately) not a true story about how Shepard is actually a serial killer. That would be a story to tell.

653 And the third computer is down. I should never have blogged “technical failings aside.”

653 Distracted again, and just picked up “it’s got corn”

I’m a little concerned about that.

654 Dramatic Women will be supporting The Three Sisters.

654 Holding the Man. “Life’s about who you tackle it with.” That was my favourite add of the night. Griffin in Sydney, toured but not to SA. Recently in London.

655 Director Rosalba Clemente, actor Luke Clayson.

656 Nice “G’day” between Cook and Clayson. Then into the segue it’s about “gay people.”

656 Testament to how great new Australian work can be. Cook and Clemente knew Timothy in real life, which terrifies Clayson a bit.

657 Love story about two beautiful young men who both died way too young, but a celebration of their love.

658 It’s a little like you should have known Timothy – you will know him by the end! Imaginative, theatrical, funny.

658 Clemente “jokes” she cast Clayson to look at all day in rehearsal.

659 Clemete tearing up: clearly a play which is very close to her heart. Geoff Revel, put out a call for actors to come and audition for the final four roles. I wonder how many people in the audience are composing their audition now. Four remaining roles play “everything on earth”.

Morag Cook designing, Mark Shelton designing.

700 Clemente just broke the microphone. Oops!

701 Could be worse, could be “Sarah O’Hare giving the wrong name.” Oops, Cook just gave the wrong name for her! Sarah Murdoch, yes? Is O’Hare her maiden name?

702 OzCo voted STCSA brochure the best in the country in 2010. It was very shinney.

702 Finishing off on thank you and a pitch to Subscribe. And a pitch to donate or join a membership group.

703 New partnership with Anglicare to give free tickets.

704 Off to the foyer for nibbles, drinks, brouchers and to post this to my blog.

A bit of a lonely live blog fail, but hopefully you can read thorough this. I had fun live blogging, didn’t miss too much, but I don’t think I could do it through an actual performance.