Tweetseats, anyone?

by Jane

Tomorrow night the State Theatre Company will be launching their 2011 season and all technological failings aside, I will be joining the State Theatre Company on twitter, fellow blogger Sophie from Sophie’s World and coordinator Cherie Barnett from ShoGo, sitting up in the balcony at the Festival Theatre, blogging and tweeting away.  I think this is an okay compromise to my anti-tweetseats stance: it’s not technically a performance, so I can remain morally sound, yes?

If you want to join in on the action, you can watch and comment in on the live blog here when it goes live at 5:45pm Adelaide time tomorrow, or follow the hash tag #stcsa11 on Twitter.  Or both!  Tweets will be automatically integrated into the live feed.

The launch subtitle is “The new arrivals”, so I am expecting a season of creatives and actors who have never been involved in theatre before in some sort of social experiment / cost-cutting measure, or a season of plays only about new immigrants.   I have remained spoiler-free, so come and join me as I discover what they have to offer!