RightAct10 Day Four

by Jane

After four days of panels, the conference ended up giving the audience an insight into what had happened during the days at Format, as participants in the workshops had been working on creating their own political theatre piece, working with a writer, actor and directors to shape their work.

Three pieces were presented and then discussed in terms of conception and execution. It was an interesting insight, seeing what politics and performance styles came out of such an intensive weekend, and seeing derived work so early into the process.

Again, the discussion built off the presentations and on to the floor afterwards, a great conclusion to a very interesting and thought-provoking weekend. I certainly feel that my knowledge about and connection to the Adelaide theatre scene was strengthened insurmountably over the four days. I was also terribly flattered by some comments about this blog by people I respect very much.

Huge thank you to everyone involved in the weekend. I’ll see you next year!