Food and the Adelaide Festival Centre

by Jane

After the Saturday evening ballet, which finished at an early and nice 9:40 (I do love a 7:30 start), we decided to make our way down to the Bistro for some post show food and drinks.  Reasonably quiet, just one group of maybe eight sitting there, but the ballet had only just concluded and the show was still playing in the Playhouse.  As we sat and decided what to order, more people came in, including many from the Orchestra.

But, when it comes time to order, what do we discover?  That the kitchen has closed, and we are offered coffees. Yes, because when I order fries, what I’m really asking for is a latte.  Look, I can stretch my mind enough to think, okay, maybe you wouldn’t offer the full menu post-show, and at a pinch you wouldn’t even offer a post-show menu, but to not offer BAR SNACKS?  And I was ordering FRIES.  If you want, I will go into the kitchen and show you how to flick the ON switch on your deep-fryer, and when the little light turns to green, I’ll show you how to place the frozen fries in there.  Then, we can go to the fridge and squirt mayonnaise into a bowl.   Really, not that difficult.

It is pathetic and inexcusable that you can’t get anything to eat there after a show.   I would guess the centre probably had at least 2000 people walking around tonight, and yet they don’t try and grab those patrons at all.  They  just walk straight off into the car park.

There are many things I will defend about Adelaide; there are many more things I will defend about the Arts and its institutions.  I love them both dearly.  The catering at the Adelaide Festival Centre is not on of those things I will defend – and, if it were, I would certainly have a lot of chances, as it is brought up in conversations frequently.  Actually, the only complementary comment I can recall, other than praising free launch foods (which, admittedly, don’t disappoint), was a great appreciation of the Cabaret Festival churros: the Cab Fest brings in a slew of external caterers.  I can’t imagine why…

ETA: If you want to know what happened next, click here.